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Nose Shaping

The appearance of your nose is likely important as it’s a key facial characteristic, and tends to be very noticeable on camera.

Do you consider your nose:

– too wide?

– too long?

– not in keeping with the rest of your face?

Many people feel this way, but the result doesn’t have to be expensive rhinoplasty surgery. PinkMirror’s photo retouching can help you to narrow your nose’s width, reduce its length and alter its shape in photos.

Nose Types

The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery found that there are 14 distinctive types of noses in a survey. A thorough analysis of nearly 1,800 noses suggested that most are of a traditional type (such as straight and downward hooking), but experts concluded that there are multiple noses that cannot be placed into just a few categories.

The nose is made up of bone and cartilage, and takes it shape from the location of the nasal bones and upper and lower lateral cartilages. If these take unusual positions, then the result is often a unique – and often unattractive – nose, that isn’t camera-friendly.

The Nose and Beauty

Whether we like it or not, our nose tends to have a big effect on how we perceive beauty. Ancient civilizations throughout history have considered the nose indicative of character. The Romans and Greeks thought long and strong noses symbolized power and strength.

Therefore, it’s no shock that rhinoplasty is one of the United States’ most popular cosmetic surgery. In 2013, there were nearly 150,000 nose job procedures performed in the U.S, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

Rhinoplasty requires extremely accurate surgery. A tiny mistake can have terrible effects.


Your nose changes over the years due to the unavoidable impacts of aging. While your nose is typically fully grown once you have reached adulthood, it droops and becomes more elongated over time as a result of gravity, and the breakup of collagen, elastin and proteins in your skin. Hence, as you grow older, your nose tends to look much difference in photos.

As you can see, PinkMirror’s photo editor allows you to get your nose looking how you want it without the need of a surgeon. The images above are proof of that.

Small changes are always more effective than significant alterations. Here, the slight narrowing of the lady’s nose has resulted in a very noticeable change in her appearance. With a few additional touches, she automatically looks around 10 years younger, and she has maintained the natural look.

Your nose has a big effect on how you appear in photos. With PinkMirror, you are able to make the alterations you require to obtain your perfect facial appearance.