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Features of Window Security Bars

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There are many different applications for window bars. The specifications vary so much, customers can choose from various functions, domestic or commercial, and sizes of 12, 16, or 20 mm. Any of these can have round or square infills, depending on the requirements.

Designed to maximize security wherever they are installed, window bars come with strapping, brick bond, or Georgian grilles. In addition to the steel doors and retractable gates in our catalog, a wide range of bars suit any application from homes to large businesses.

Security for Business Protection

Criminals are masters at getting in through windows. Every window, therefore, is a point of vulnerability. The type of bar depends on the establishment. A shop, for example, often displays products in the window so you want both protection and the ability for people walking by to see stuff during the day. A removable design is suitable here.

Some window bars are retractable and a hinged design works well too. Exterior fitted bars also provide a defence and are often preferred in places intruders can get in on the ground floor, or at the back of the building. Companies can also customize them to a preferred color or add a powder coating.

Home Window Bars

Matching colors can also be ordered for home installations. You can even leave windows open in the summer and have the same security. Summer is when criminals are more active. These bars are a great addition and don’t impede too much on aesthetics.

They also add safety within. Small children and animals all too often are injured from falls. Bars can protect occupants and provide a barrier to the ground or flat roof. If there’s ever a fire, for example, specialized mechanisms will enable someone to open the attachment and get out safely.

Galvanised and powder coated window bars are physical deterrents. In addition, styles include vertical, horizontal, or latticed. An LPCB accredited bar will ensure your attachment meets the latest standards. They are also cost-effective, so therefore make sense financially and practically.