The Most Beautiful Places in England

Whether you are considering visiting England or already live here and are looking for a beautiful place to visit with your spouse, there are many options to choose from. You do not have to look hard to find some of the world’s most beautiful natural locations. Below are some of England’s most beautiful sights that you just have to see in person to truly appreciate:

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Land’s End

Located within the Penwith peninsula about thirteen kilometres south-west of Penzance lies one of England’s most famous sights. Tourists have been visiting this sight and trying to capture beautiful photos of England here for centuries. The sights you will see here are truly amazing, with granite rock formations, and immense cliffs. If you are at all a fan of the ocean, you are going to be impressed with the views at Land’s End.

Durdle Door

For one reason or another, people seem to be fascinated by natural rock formations, especially the kind typically featured in films. Durdle Door is a natural limestone arch located near Dorset, England. The area is actually privately owned, but is open to the public, making it a popular tourist destination. It was formed naturally by the erosion of softer rock leaving just the harder rock formation intact.


Dartmoor is a protected national park located in southern Devon, England. The kinds of sights you can see here are vast and truly impressive. In fact, Dartmoor includes the largest area of granite in the region, meaning there are many large formations of rock. Dartmoor is known for its tors, which are hills with bedrock on top. In addition to the rock formations there are many beautiful rivers and bogs.

The New Forest

If you are at all interested in or impressed by large grassy fields, the New Forest area in southern England is something that you just have to see. Also a national park, New Forest is one of the largest remaining areas of pastureland in southern England. In addition to the large and wide open grassy pastures, there are approximately one hundred and fifty square kilometres of woodland. The way that these grassy and wooded areas come together is truly stunning at times. There are fields of beautiful yellow and pink flowers that are open, making the area perfect for romantic photo opportunities. If you are looking for something serene, this is the perfect place to visit in England.

Seven Sisters

If you have ever seen pictures of famous English coastlines, it is likely that you have seen the Seven Sisters. This is one of the most impressive and majestic stretches of coast in the world, famous for vertical cliffs of white rock. Located between Seaford and Eastbourne, this section of coast is protected and has been officially designated “Heritage Coast”. It is called Seven Sisters due to the fact that there are seven distinct and tall chalk cliffs and each of them have their own names. To make it easy to visit this beautiful area, buses run through here at fifteen-minute intervals each weekday.