Golden Section and Photography

postProbably, you are here because you would like to know how to improve your photo technique, what is the Golden Mean, look at examples, read some articles or maybe use our on-line photo-adjuster (I am still working on this, though).
Yes, all the experienced photographers do know the “golden” rules of composition and use them almost innately. But before you start to use these simple rules without thinking, you need to practice, think what is better, and read about these rules. I am not going to describe the mathematical basics of these rules because they are well-described in other places, but here you’ll find some examples, links to those descriptions, as well as JavaScript which could help you.

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Rule of Thirds or Golden Ratio

So, the first “golden” rule is the “Rule of Thirds” or “Golden Ratio”. It affects the ratio (1:1.618) of a picture size, as well as the placement of the main subjects in the photo. This ratio is close to


postThink of a landscape photograph as a jigsaw puzzle, with dozens of different pieces demanding your attention. If you arrange all those pieces in the right order you’ll end up with an organised, structured image that makes sense and looks good. But if you put them together any old way, the end result will be a muddled mess of shapes, colours and details that’s difficult to make sense of.

That, in a nutshell, is what composition’s all about – arranging the elements of a scene in your camera’s viewfinder so they form something visually interesting to look at; something that will hold the attention of the viewer and take their eye on a journey around the frame from the immediate foreground to the distant background.

Every time you raise a camera to your eye you’re composing a picture – the very act of deciding where to point it is based on a conscious or sub-conscious decision about what you want to include in the picture. The trouble is, many photographers don’t


postMany photographers on purchasing a new camera are preoccupied with learning its various features and controls and no doubt, this is important in obtaining correctly exposed images and an appropriate depth of field. However, once the basic operation of the camera is mastered, one needs to direct their attention to seeing and composing effective images. Effective images are those that command attention and communicate some feeling to an audience. Capturing a “feeling” and your viewers’ attention is a demanding task that requires practice, experimentation and study. Studying the basic elements of visual design and understanding how they work will help new photographers improve their composition, but simply following rules does not guarantee success. Furthermore, how an audience responds to an image depends on their past experiences (memory), interests, and what it is that they are looking for. This is why the same picture often receives a variety of responses from different viewers. To create effective images a photographer must understand the way people respond to various kinds of visual organization. This involves learning the vocabulary of

Beginner’s Guide To Nature Photography: Composition


Photos communicate. Good nature photos communicate well! Photographic Composition refers to the arrangement of visual elements in a photo. As a photographer, you use lines, shapes, colors, tones, patterns, textures, balance, symmetry, depth, perspective, scale, and lighting to bring your images to life. But to consider the interplay of all of these visual elements in every photo is daunting. A more practical approach to nature photo composition is to look through your viewfinder and ask yourself two questions. (You probably shouldn’t ask these questions out loud, or else nearby people and animals will wonder why you are talking to yourself.

1. What is the message of this photo?
2. What is the best way to communicate that message?

Nature photos are successful when the message is clear. When the photographer’s message is garbled, ambiguous, weak or obscured by distracting visual elements in the composition, the photo is not a keeper. Nature photos that convey a powerful message compel the viewer to take a second look in order to soak in the beauty and

7 Quick Landscape Composition Guidelines

postVisit most any photo site on the web, and the vast majority of images you’ll see are of people, nature and architecture. These are the overarching topics that are then subdivided – people in foreign lands, formal portraiture, kids, etc. / landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, etc. / cityscapes, isolated iconic buildings, close ups of buildings and their reflections, etc. While the text and sample images of this article focus on landscapes, the same principles can be applied to most of the listed subjects above. So study the following hints and tips and think how you can substitute Subject A, B, or C into each.

It’s All About the Light: The most dramatic light occurs at sunrise and sunset. The color is warm, it reveals shape and texture due to the low angle, and if there are clouds, the colors can be spectacular. While being out at sunset isn’t much of a sacrifice, getting up at the crack of dawn can be a struggle. But if you don’t, you’ll miss some of the best light of the day.

Think Small: Landscapes are

How to Make the Most of Your Photography Degree

A lot of people like to call themselves photographers because they like to take photos on the weekends or when they’re traveling, but those are really just photo hobbyists. When you are truly a photographer, you know it because you can’t stop taking photographs. This is the type of passion that can’t be denied, but needs to be groomed with a formal education. However, it’s imperative that you can use that education to propel your professional career. Here’s how to make the most of your photography degree.

Show Your Work Often

While you are in college, you want to be sure that you are making as much work as possible. There will be all kinds of shows that you will have the opportunity to present your work in, and you should try to present in every single one of them if you can. You never know if any major gallerists or collectors will be popping in to see what kind of work is being produced at Texas State University, or wherever you may go, but you don’t want to be absent when it happens.

Make the Right Connections

One of the most vital parts of becoming a successful, professional photographer is knowing

Should You Pursue a College Degree in Photography?

Are you always the one carrying a camera to all your family functions and friendly get-togethers? Does the sound of a nine-to-five job make you shutter and cringe? Do you consider yourself a creative soul? Then a degree in photography might just be for you.

Do You Have a Strong Passion for Photography?

First, consider and evaluate your affinity for photographs. Studying photography at a college level means building what might have begun as a simple hobby into a full-time career. Just like with any major you choose or job path you seek to follow, you should truly enjoy it and be able to see yourself doing it seriously, regularly, and with full focus. It will be a large part of your life not only for the next four years, but for many years after as well.

Some people prefer to keep separate their pursuits of pleasure and their pursuits of business. This isn’t the case in opting for a photo degree. Passion is a key component necessary in the production process of professional imagery, so be prepared to tap into your creative side regularly.

Can You Manage Non-Traditional Work Hours?

The schedule of a professional photographer is also far from typical. As a professional

Proficient Photographer in St. Thomas, Ontario

A decent picture taker is part craftsman, part communicator. Cindy June is the ideal mix of both, as she has the eye to make shocking photos, and the identity to draw out the characteristic allure of her subjects. Incredible picture takers know how to take photographs that catch the embodiment of a minute. In St. Thomas, Ontario, Cindy June is an exceptional picture taker who exceeds expectations at catching what lies underneath the surface. Her photographs have an immortal quality that demonstrates the character and identity of her subjects.
Cindy June has practical experience in catching families, weddings and engagements, brandishing occasions, and the outside. Her photos underline the passing way of a minute, and are noted for their abnormal detail and character. Her outgoing identity gives a false representation of her regular creative vision. While she is making a bond with you and finding what makes you remarkable, her sharp and experienced eye is dealing with the specialized parts of the shot. Her capacity to identify with her subjects and make shots that catch their unique qualities

Convention internet

For almost every large event at this point, it will be important to be able to arrange for internet services. WiFi is simply expected, and no event will be complete without making an internet connection available. While there may be several convention center internet providers available, including the venues themselves, the best option is Trade Show Internet.

They have internet services coast to coast in major cities. Because all of their technology is portable, it is easier to upgrade than the venue solutions. The kind of hard-wired technology that venue facilities install may only be as up-to-date as when it was installed. Trade Show Internet is better able to make sure that their technology is constantly upgraded.

They will often also be less expensive. Venue options are often the default for many planners, and so they can charge more than the technology they provide is actually worth. Rental means you pay less for better technology.

Photography Tips and Techniques

Whether you are planning to take up photography as a profession or a hobby, it will be to your own advantage to learn some tips and techniques to get the most out of your camera. Digital cameras have made taking pictures so much more quick, easy and convenient. Even a complete amateur with no photographic training can learn and soon be able to flaunt their skills in the form of breath-taking pictures, according to photographer William Schoellkopf.

Not everyone can afford an expensive camera with multiple lenses like the professionals have. But a simple digital camera can do many tricks if you know how to use it. Most of the cheaper models come with different settings, like automatic, landscape, portrait and macro mode (that is the one with the flower icon on it). Notice the wide angle, the zoom, and the flash. Tinker around and see the effect of each feature on the pictures.

When you get a new digital camera, the first thing you should do is read the guide and instruction book. Then try out all the settings and buttons to familiarize yourself with your camera. Practice, take some shots and see how everything is working. Have fun and enjoy

Professional Photographers Enhance an Event or Promotion

The idea of using a professional photographer is not some silly notion, especially in today’s highly competitive market. Whether you need photography services for a wedding or corporate event, the use of an amateur is not advised. Do you really want to capture a moment using the services of someone who is not committed to their craft?

For any event or promotion you wish to capture and remember, you need to align yourself with an artistic and photographic specialist. If you are seeking for a photographer in Dubai, then research a platform that only features the most talented photographers in the area. Work with an agency that has captured endless portraits, weddings and corporate moments on camera – one that has worked with an array of celebrities, from musical entertainers to Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah.

Hire a Specialist

The leading photographers in Dubai know when a photo should be taken, and that their clients want the image to look excellent. A professional photographer does not get a second chance to perfect an image. That is why it is essential to hire the best photographer in the field – one who is a

Gather Your Photos With Your Happiest Moments

Photophactory is a creative company which involves the process of transforming the photography industry in India. It is the platform with enough skills. Their founders and team are always facing towards new standards. They will be found to you through keywords as best Wedding photographers in Mumbai. Their main passion is to candid shots so that they will impress their customers. They will treat every assignment individually. Though they take time to understand the client’s needs, they will output client’s expectations in style. They use information which matches the client’s expectations by offering the incomparable service at an extreme level. Photophactory has a team of people who are drawn towards open and displaying the honest emotion. They will take every event as a chance to proof. They will play an important part in precious moments. Their team will create a landmark for various things like,

  • Beginning of a new couple’s life
  • Blossoming child hood
  • Casual family portrait
  • Magazines, Ad campaigns, online products with graceful models on indoor location
  • They will create facilitated scenes for commercial industries and corporate professionals

We can remember the point that photos are the things which will remember about our previous life. They uses the modern technologies to give the effect

Telling a family story through photographs

A photographer’s life is about discovering the marvels of life while capturing images that seem appealing to their minds. The travails of photographers are captured in any photography blog that explores the mind of photographers and their commitment to life. The creative urge can drive them to face many extreme situations in life in their quest to explore the nuances of life and what it really means to live. They have an innate tendency to expand their vision and see through the vagaries of life to tell a story through pictures. And this they do with a fair amount of determination that stems from their passion about photography and life. Their love for life drives them to capture the moments that are reflections of their belief and upholds a slice of life.

Goals of photography

Every photographer has a goal that drives the photographic pursuits. Some may be intrigued by capturing the lives of people, get familiar with different cultures and pay the role of cultural ambassadors. Some others may be interested in other aspects of human living that tell stories of courage and the fight for survival. Going through a photography blog, you will come to know about other genres of

3 Tips to Create Your First Time-lapse

One of the many cool and artistic photography techniques is the time-lapse. Basically you take several hundred (or even thousands!) of pictures and put them together in a stop-motion way, creating a movie. The time-frame during which these photos are taken varies depending on projects, it can be anything from a few minutes to several years. Common subjects or scenarios can be blooming flowers, sunsets, night skies or just a busy street. Completing a time-lapse video can be quite an extensive project, and for the best results you need to master your camera in full manual mode. If you are an absolute beginner you’ll benefit from completing a photography course to learn the ins and outs of your equipment, as well as the techniques used. But let’s get started with some advice to keep in mind.

  1. Plan your shoot. Although this is important for any photography project, for time-lapsing it’s 90% of the work. Location scouting, time estimation, equipment needed and transportation are all very important factors to take into account. Where are you shooting? What are you shooting? Do you need to be there at a specific time? Will you need special clothes (for

Nose Shaping

The appearance of your nose is likely important as it’s a key facial characteristic, and tends to be very noticeable on camera.

Do you consider your nose:

– too wide?

– too long?

– not in keeping with the rest of your face?

Many people feel this way, but the result doesn’t have to be expensive rhinoplasty surgery. PinkMirror’s photo retouching can help you to narrow your nose’s width, reduce its length and alter its shape in photos.

Nose Types

The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery found that there are 14 distinctive types of noses in a survey. A thorough analysis of nearly 1,800 noses suggested that most are of a traditional type (such as straight and downward hooking), but experts concluded that there are multiple noses that cannot be placed into just a few categories.

The nose is made up of bone and cartilage, and takes it shape from the location of the nasal bones and upper and lower lateral cartilages. If these take unusual positions, then the result is often a unique – and often unattractive – nose, that isn’t camera-friendly.

The Nose and Beauty

Whether we like it or not, our nose tends to have a big effect on how we perceive beauty. Ancient civilizations throughout history have

Wedding Photos All Couples Should Take

Capturing memories of your wedding day is priceless. Most of us choose to do this by having professional photographs taken on the big day. With you and your spouse, the wedding party and both sets of parents, taking wedding photos can quickly become overwhelming. That’s why you should decide during the planning process which particular photos you want to have taken on your wedding day.

Your wedding day is likely the most intimate day of your life, and you will want it captured on film. One way to do that is to have your photographer take a photo with you still wearing your veil, but your new spouse and you being close together under the veil. This is a unique picture that not all couples think of but one that will help you to remember the intimacy of your wedding day for the rest of your life.

No doubt you spent a good chunk of change on your wedding day footwear. While it is not the most important part of your outfit, it still adds to your style as a bride. Have your photographer zoom in on the hem of your wedding dress with your shoes

Make Your Special Wedding Cinematographers In Mumbai

photophactoryA professional cinematographer knows all the tricks and magic associated with capturing the best moments during wedding celebration. You never want to force him and make his way to capture the whole scene and venue. In fact, the photographer you hire will be hoping to record every moment on his camera. He understands the importance of seizing every special moment in the best possible way in the form of cinematography that helps you to cherish the special moments in the future. When you surf the internet, you can find many reputable wedding photography companies having a team of Wedding photographers in Mumbai. These professionals are specialized in subjecting the couple for some quick moments and unique cinematic shots.

Create Cinematic Masterpiece:

As wedding is a big day for everyone, you can capture those memories only in the form of cinematography. When you hireWedding cinematographers in Mumbai, you can make sure that bride and groom feel more comfortable at the time of photo shoot. These film makers have the ability of directing you in a pleasant manner to make sure that the shots are perfectly taken

Professional Tips and Tricks about Newborn Photography

Newborn babies are really tiny creatures that do not stay tiny for a very long time. And this is exactly why Toronto parents like the idea of taking pictures of their little babies at this early period of their life. And if you decided to help these happy families to get best newborn photography pictures in Toronto then here are several useful tips and tricks for you!

– Try to schedule the photo session as early as possible. Babies grow very fast and the best time for newborn photography is between one and three weeks.

– When you get to the point of timing the session, talk to the parent and try to make it in the period when the baby usually has a nap and somewhere around the feeding routine. According to Toronto newborn photography professional the best option is if you can get your model fed before the shot and right before the parents leave their house. Such hint allows you as a photographer to get the best pictures as the little tummies will settle and so reduce spitting up and fussiness during the session.

– Be ready that your baby-model can get fussy and you will need to challenge that.

Rome is Home to Scores of Luxury and Budget Hotels

Needless to say, Rome promises you a vacation to cherish for your lifetime. The ancient city houses numerous museums and archaeological sites. It is an ideal place for those that are passionate about history, art and architecture. Who wouldn’t love the Sistine Chapel, Vatican City that is loaded with stunning works of Da Vinci and Michelangelo?

Rome is Home to Scores of Luxury and Budget Hotels

Traveling to Rome during the peak season may be expensive. Hence, it is recommended that you pick budget hotels that offer standard accommodation options and basic facilities and amenities. In Rome, you can find scores of affordable hotels that offer you with quality services. These hotels play a crucial role for those tourists that don’t wish to spend their fortune on accommodation.

Choosing the Right Accommodation

Well, while selecting an accommodation in the city, you may come across several options such as apartments and hotels. Of course, this choice become significant when holidaying as one would love to have a nice comfortable sleep after a daylong of sight-seeing.

The True Cost of the Best Wedding Photography

In our life several occasions we are celebrated like the birthday, engagement, family get together, wedding and a few other events are the very important for everybody and they want to the documented the all this moment for the next period for recall the lovely moments of the life, the photography of the occasions is the best option for made the rich memories collections.

All these occasions is the most important among it the wedding is the very much important event for the couple for the recall this beautiful moment, in these moments many other matters is related with the wedding, the all family members and the friends or other guest are the invited or the participated in the lovely wedding ceremony and all this people photography collection are the more important in every complete wedding photography.

When we are planning for the wedding day there are many things need to the planning for the important day the photography of the day is the also important part of the our ceremony planning, we are allotted the fix budgets for the Wedding Photography Ashburn and it depends upon the person’s interest in the photography whatever the photographic

Beauty Photography Mistakes You Need to Avoid

There is more to the shots than what a camera sees, it is actually how beautiful the model and scenario is to the photographer, and how beautifully they can capture what they see. Make people think that taking nice portrait shots makes them a professional photographer. What they do not realize is they make some mistakes, which can be avoided. Here are some in detail:

Trying to be a One Man Show

Beauty shots are not a one man’s show, and this is what amateur photographers do not realize. A photographer is not a photographer without a team. Many amateurs do not see the importance of their crew when they start their profession. Without models you have no one to shoot, and in order to get them, you need your friend, the agent to contact them.

How about setting the entire shoot? Not many people are artistic and experts at what they do. What about changing the scenes for different shots? The hair and makeup of the models? Being successful is a team effort and there is definitely no €I’ in team.

Using the wrong lens

When someone does a beauty shoot, their

Canon 5D Mark II vs Chinon CM4s

Just for fun I thought I would revert back to my childhood days and run a roll of Fujichrome Velvia through my first ever SLR, the “oh-so-basic” Chinon CM4s. This camera has just an aperture dial, a shutter speed dial, self timer, manual focussing and a shutter button…that is it in terms of creative controls!

Exposure with the Chinon is made using three LED lights on the back of the camera…top red = overexposed, bottom red = underexposed and middle green = correct exposure…simples!

The idea was to compare my first ever SLR with my current DSLR. I wanted to compare the quality of images taken with both cameras using the same ISO and the same exposure and lens focal length.

All images below were taken at exactly the same time mostly using exposure values taken from the 5D Mark II, i.e. I would take a shot with the 5D Mark II and then set the Chinon to the same exposure.

The first thing I noticed when shooting film for the first time in nearly 10 years was how conscious I was of the cost every time I pressed the shutter:

  • One roll

Hire Professional Photographers for Ad Shoot

They say, marketing is the back bone of every business in terms of publicising any business. And when it comes to publicity, then what can match advertisements? Today, promoting any product without TV ads is incomplete in market.

But, the art of promoting products and other items is dependent a lot on the advertisement photographers, product photographers and videographers. If a businessman has to promote his/her business then he cannot promote his products or services without hiring such services.

Let us see the benefits of hiring a top advertising photographer.

Shooting Angles- A professional photographer knows which angle he should shoot from. Be it a product photography or food photography; a photographer clicks photos in such a way that he would get you the best outcomes to get your business on the top.

Professional approach- Professionalism reflects your personality and same is the case with the photographers. A professional and sincere approach helps you getting the best results from your photography comparing to immature ones.

Knowledge of environment- Well environment doesn’t mean here greenery here. In photography, the role of surroundings and ambience plays a crucial role, to bring the sharpness in picture.